is dedicated to the art of screenwriting, in particular, the short screenplay. Each month, we run a free online five page screenplay contest. Our goal is threefold: help writers improve their craft, celebrate our best work, and connect writers and their scripts with filmmakers.

On the first of each month we announce a new contest. During that month, you can enter your script. During the next month, you can read, vote, and comment on all the entries. Finally, during the third month, the results are announced and all the scripts are searchable in our database.

If this is your first time here, please take a look at our FAQ. is growing every day and I hope you join in on the fun.

Chris Messineo

Contest: "Feature ~ Round 2 of 3: Ten Pages" (7 entries so far)

This is the second of three rounds in our feature length script contest.

In the first round, writers submitted their title and logline. The top 30 writers move on to the second round in April, when they submit their first ten pages. In August, the top ten writers move on to the third and final round, when they submit their finished scripts.

Contest: "One Shot" (18 entries)

Write a story that can be filmed in one long shot with no cuts.

Contest: "Kiss" (23 entries)

Every character in your story must kiss someone or something.

"Stay Foolish" by Chris Setten ~ First Place
A young boy strives to save his friend from punishment and starvation by teaching him street skills only to learn a thing or two himself.

"A Good Day" by Zach Jansen ~ Second Place
A young mother tries to make today a good day.

"One True Love" by William Boehmer ~ Third Place
Two witches wonder if they will ever find the ones who will fulfill their destinies and grant them eternal youth.

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