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Biography: Unremarkable: Worked in healthcare forever, married longer than most, can't figure out where all the kids are coming from (have ten so far), wrote my first play when I was nine about a flying turtle (it was a hit with my third grade class, they got out of doing math to watch it), continued the playwriting thing for another twenty years and then wanted to win some software and so I entered my first screenwriting contest in 2002. The producer of that contest was very kind and allowed my script to make it into the finals, even though it needed a lot of work. With that little vote of confidence, I decided to put my shoulder to the wheel and give screenwriting a shot.

I discovered this site in December and enjoy it very much. I come home from a long, stressful night at the hospital and need something to do to help me wind down. Reading all of your stories is enjoyable, but addictive. My word, I thought chocolate was bad.

Thank you Chris for creating this site.
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