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Biography: Chris Messineo is an award-winning writer and director.

He is the founder of Off Stage Films, an independent production company, shooting short films and corporate videos. They have won awards for screenwriting, acting, sound, cinematography, editing, score, and directing.

He has worked as a director, screenwriter, crew member, script reader, screenplay consultant, and even a film festival judge. He has taught hundreds of students in night school as well as at schools in the tri-state area.

In 1998, he formed the NJ Screenwriter's Group and since then, they have held over 150 original screenplay readings. In 2002, he created, a free online contest and forum to celebrate the art of short scripts and help bring screenwriters and filmmakers together.

Chris is the Director of NJ Film School, a small studio in New Jersey offering filmmaking classes for all ages. He lives in New Providence with his wife and daughter.
Entries: 19
Title DateContestTypePlace 
A Ghost in the LibraryFeb. 2012Tournament of ChampionsShortHonorable Mention 
AloneFeb. 2007Voices in My HeadShortHonorable Mention 
BeautifulMay. 2007It's Not as Bad as It LooksShort 
Black Cherry LaneJan. 2010Feature ~ Round 1 of 3: LoglineLoglineThird Place 
Black Cherry LaneApr. 2010Feature ~ Round 2 of 3: Ten Pages10First Place 
Blood LossDec. 2010KarmaShort 
BrokenOct. 2007Small Round ThingsShortThird Place 
Letters to PenthouseApr. 2007The Full MontyShortSecond Place 
Letters to PenthouseNov. 2009Short FilmFilmThird Place 
One Saved MessageNov. 2008Less is MoreShortThird Place 
One Saved MessageNov. 2009Short FilmFilmHonorable Mention 
PolaroidsJan. 2012Feature ~ Round 1 of 3: LoglineLoglineThird Place 
PolaroidsApr. 2012Feature ~ Round 2 of 3: Ten Pages10First Place 
Raising the DeadMar. 2007ChildrenShortHonorable Mention 
The Curious Case of Arthur Samuels...Sep. 2007One is the Loneliest NumberShort 
The Last KissJun. 2010More of Less is MoreShort 
The Latchkey ChildJan. 2009Feature ~ Round 1 of 3: LoglineLogline 
The RavenMay. 2008Poetic LicenseShortFirst Place 
Zero Times AnythingJun. 2011Even More of Less is MoreShortHonorable Mention 

Favorites: 150

Title WriterContest 
$25Micah RickeNumbers 
270Caroline CoxonNumbers 
-273Paul De VrijerNumbers 
400 Miles For A Baby's Funeral And Everybody DiedJames HughesKarma 
A Boy's FearChris KeatonShort Film 
A Doorway WhispersDon RiemerTournament of Champions 
A Hero's GiftPia CookA Christmas Present 
A Man Of His WordWes WorthingA Thousand Words 
A Mother's LoveShawn CottrillDeja Vu 
Ace No MorePaul De VrijerAce, Baby, Honey, Jack, & Spike 
Adding Assault to InjuryKirk WhiteDeja Vu 
AlbaRobert NewcomerSciFi Here and Now 
An AmasserPaul De VrijerIt's Alive 
ArcadeJohn P. DowginSmall Round Things 
ArgonMarnie Mitchell ListerChemistry 
Bad LandMicah RickeFeature ~ Round 2 of 3: Ten Pages 
Bad-Assery...IncarnateKirk WhiteTick Tock 
Behold His Mighty HandWilliam BienesA Christmas Present 
Behold His Mighty HandWilliam BienesShort Film 
Beyond Flanders' FieldsLarry BaschPhobic 
Blue Light SpecialKirsten BischoffVoices in My Head 
Brian Butterworth's BedroomSally MeyerA Total Eclipse of the Sun 
BurmaRustom IraniA Tree Falls in the Woods 
CameoPete BarryFeature ~ Round 3 of 3: Script 
CameoPete BarryFeature ~ Round 1 of 3: Logline 
CameoPete BarryFeature ~ Round 2 of 3: Ten Pages 
CandyMicah RickeTeenagers 
Cart WarsDenise JewellFeature ~ Round 1 of 3: Logline 
CatalystWilliam D. PrystaukMore of Less is More 
Chad Briggs, Monster HunterRyan LeeThe Undead 
ChairPhilip WhitcroftMonster Vision 
Chance EncounterPaul WilliamsShort Film 
Chasing GideonSteve DexheimerFeature ~ Round 2 of 3: Ten Pages 
ChessAimee ParrottVoices in My Head 
Christmas RulesPaul De VrijerFifth Year Open 
Clutch PerformanceTom ShipleyReduce Speed - Action Ahead 
CrackleCaroline CoxonOne is the Loneliest Number 
CrumbleKevin CartyFeature ~ Round 1 of 3: Logline 
Cure in SightJeanPierre ChapoteauThe Undead 
Cycle of LifeStephen BrownLess is More 
Daylight RobberyMartin LancasterLess is More 
Defending Hearth and HomeWilliam ColemanRules? We don't need no stinking rules! 
DevotionDon RiemerEven More of Less is More 
DimCharlie HebertTwo People and One Location 
Don't Let Her SeeMatias CarusoDeadly is the Female 
Donuts and SpidersDan DelgadoFifth Year Open 
Dying, he liesPaul De VrijerThird Time's the Charm 
Dynamic DuoFaith Friese NelsonFADE OUT. 
Eight Minute DaydreamSteve DexheimerFeature ~ Round 3 of 3: Script 
Eight Minute DaydreamSteve DexheimerFeature ~ Round 2 of 3: Ten Pages 
EldoradoMatias CarusoPoetic License 
Elegy of EmptinessPaul De VrijerKarma 
EmotionlessBrian WindOne for the Ladies 
Evil InkElias FarnumIt's Alive 
Ezra & The Soul DealerMJ HermannyFeature ~ Round 3 of 3: Script 
FeralMargaret RickeFeature ~ Round 1 of 3: Logline 
Field DayT. James DeSteinTournament of Champions 
FlareRod ThompsonA Total Eclipse of the Sun 
Fleeting ImmortalityJon HillWhite Out 
Flower GirlsDon RiemerThe Full Monty 
FocusPete BarryShort Film 
Fool On The HillPaul De VrijerFall Down Laughing 
For RememberanceAnthony PettineTwo People and One Location 
Friends For LifePaul WilliamsIt's Better to Give than to Receive 
From GraceJem RoweFeature ~ Round 1 of 3: Logline 
From the AshesMartin LancasterFeature ~ Round 2 of 3: Ten Pages 
GravityRod ThompsonMad Home Scientist 
Happy BirthdayAntonio GangemiFlashback 
Harry's LamentTim RatcliffeMad Home Scientist 
HitJem RoweTick Tock 
HoneyJem RoweAce, Baby, Honey, Jack, & Spike 
I Love You Bernie SummersbySally MeyerShort Film 
I'd Like To Thank The AnatomyWes WorthingThe Full Monty 
ImpasseGreg TonnonShort Film 
InterrogationZach JansenTick Tock 
IntersexualMichael CornettoSex Sells 
Just One DanceSally MeyerRules? We don't need no stinking rules! 
Last CallBrian WindSix 
LithiumJoel DavisChemistry 
Lonely MeanKirk WhiteMonologue 
LostT. James DeSteinSix 
Mea CulpaSally MeyerThird Time's the Charm 
Mermaid-like AwhileCaroline CoxonThe Full Monty 
Mom SexAustin JonesSex Sells 
MousetrapPete BarryMonster Vision 
Mr. Wobber's Flight PlanKirk WhiteFlashback 
My Last AceJeanPierre ChapoteauAce, Baby, Honey, Jack, & Spike 
My Life For YoursMJ HermannyMonologue 
Night 6JeanPierre ChapoteauShort Film 
NocturneKyle Patrick JohnsonDeadly is the Female 
not perfect not forgivenKirk WhiteMore of Less is More 
NumbersMatias CarusoWhite Out 
Of Night And LightCaroline CoxonFeature ~ Round 3 of 3: Script 
One Lucky BoySally MeyerSmall Round Things 
One Lucky BoySally MeyerShort Film 
Opening ArgumentsDavid BirchLex Poeta 
PerigeeLee CarlisleTournament of Champions 
PitDan DelgadoFeature ~ Round 3 of 3: Script 
PlaceboMartin LancasterShort Film 
PlatinumSally MeyerChemistry 
Play HouseMike SenkpielSix 
Point of viewJon HillDeadly is the Female 
PolaroidT. James DeSteinSciFi Here and Now 
PortraitErich VonHeederINT. ATTIC - DAY 
PrepWilliam D. PrystaukEven More of Less is More 
Private PropertyMarnie Mitchell ListerKarma 
Pure SextacyMatt BurnsSex Sells 
RandallRon BlizzardFamily Film 
Red BalloonBrian HowellDeja Vu 
Red, No BlackCharlie HebertPhobic 
RequiemMartin LancasterIt's Better to Give than to Receive 
ReTurnersPaul De VrijerA Thousand Words 
RewindBrian WindMad Home Scientist 
Rutting SeasonKirsten BischoffIt's Not as Bad as It Looks 
ScheisseJordan LittletonThe Undead 
SenselessnessMichael HoffmanLex Poeta 
Seven For A SecretBrad Huffman ParentINT. ATTIC - DAY 
Sherwood CrescentLee CarlisleIt's Not as Bad as It Looks 
ShrinesJoel DavisIt's Better to Give than to Receive 
Silent TreatmentDavid D. DeBordReduce Speed - Action Ahead 
Simeli MountainKyle Patrick JohnsonA Grim Tale 
Six Guns In SilverAustin JonesFeature ~ Round 2 of 3: Ten Pages 
Sleeping BeautyJon HillA Grim Tale 
Snipe HuntingWilliam DunbarMonster Vision 
SnowflakeWilliam DunbarWhite Out 
Some Words with a MummyAudrey WebbPoetic License 
SometimesJon HillEven More of Less is More 
SpellCaroline CoxonChildren 
StablePaul WilliamsShort Film 
SteepleDavid D. DeBordScene in Reverse 
Sudden in a Shaft of SunlightCaroline CoxonFlashback 
Sunrise SiegeMatias CarusoThe Sound of Silence 
TacetT. James DeSteinLess is More 
Teacher's PetWenonah WilmsVoices in My Head 
That Which SurvivesPete BarryMuch More of Less is More 
The Baptism Of Dawson ParishRustom IraniScene in Reverse 
The best days of your life, right?Caroline CoxonTeenagers 
The Black Rose GardenMatias CarusoTeenagers 
The ColdMatias CarusoFamily Film 
The Conqueror WormSteve DexheimerPoetic License 
The CosmicPete BarryFeature ~ Round 3 of 3: Script 
The CurfewRichard BellShort Film 
The Departed HourJeff FerryIt's Alive 
The DollKelley AllenFeature ~ Round 2 of 3: Ten Pages 
The Dying SongAlex HollisterRules? We don't need no stinking rules! 
The Fairy That Wouldn't FlyMichael CornettoFamily Film 
The Lake and the MountainPhilip WhitcroftFeature ~ Round 1 of 3: Logline 
The Last Few Minutes of SunlightSteve DexheimerA Total Eclipse of the Sun 
The Last FishermanMatthew PhillipsChildren 
The Low-Down Christmas BluesMatthew PhillipsA Christmas Present