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Biography: MoviePoet is the best.
So much talent here. It's an absolute pleasure to read all the amazing stories.
I've found my niche ...
"KP" is a nickname -- I stole JK Rowling's gender-neutral idea. I'm a woman too.
Entries: 25
Title DateContestTypePlace 
"Predominantly Blue"Jun. 2012Still More of Less is MoreShort 
2,700Oct. 2009NumbersShort 
A Bluebird of HappinessJun. 2009Lex PoetaShort 
A Parent's Worst NightmareDec. 2010KarmaShort 
A Walk in the ParkJun. 2013Much More of Less is MoreShort 
A Wedding and the OctopusJun. 2010More of Less is MoreShort 
Beach BallJan. 2012Feature ~ Round 1 of 3: LoglineLogline 
Black and WhiteOct. 2012Power OutageShort 
Brotherly LoveJan. 2011Feature ~ Round 1 of 3: LoglineLogline 
Buzz Off !Jun. 2014Less is More AgainShort 
Claim JumperJan. 2013Feature ~ Round 1 of 3: LoglineLogline 
Claim JumperApr. 2013Feature ~ Round 2 of 3: Ten Pages10 
Crow's FeatOct. 2014PoetryShort 
Duck RaceMar. 2010It's AliveShort 
Game's OverJun. 2011Even More of Less is MoreShort 
Girls Gone WildFeb. 2011One for the LadiesShort 
Her Mother's DaughterJul. 2009FADE OUT.Short 
HonorDec. 2009Third Time's the CharmShort 
Mickey and PhilbinMar. 2012Two StrangersShort 
No Wriggle RoomOct. 2013INT. CARShort 
Round the BendMar. 2014One ShotShort 
The DanceDec. 2011Fifth Year OpenShort 
The Fox and the CatMay. 2009A Grim TaleShort 
The Shootout in Harmony GroveJul. 2013The World's GreatestShort 
Ties That BindJan. 2014Feature ~ Round 1 of 3: LoglineLogline 

Favorites: 150

Title WriterContest 
1962Scott MerrowNumbers 
2112: The Temples of SyrinxShane ShearerWhite Out 
24/7Thomas W. BrownNumbers 
7 MONTGOMERY DRIVEFred KoszewnikLess is More Again 
9:03David D. DeBordNumbers 
A Boy's FearChris KeatonShort Film 
A Bullet for Penguin PeteRustom IraniFeature ~ Round 2 of 3: Ten Pages 
A Face Only A Mother Could LoveSally MeyerPower Outage 
A Finger of DoubtAudrey WebbFeature ~ Round 1 of 3: Logline 
A Gift From BeyondScott MerrowSixth Year Open 
A KindnessBasil SunshineEnd of the World 
A Line In The SandTim WestlandTournament of Champions 
A Piece of CakeScott MerrowDinner Time 
Aces and EightsScott MerrowAce, Baby, Honey, Jack, & Spike 
All That Glitters...Michael E. BiermanFeature ~ Round 3 of 3: Script 
Angus and RobbieSally MeyerMonster Vision 
Anybody's SonChris WestfieldFeature ~ Round 2 of 3: Ten Pages 
Bake SaleZach JansenFeature ~ Round 1 of 3: Logline 
Bean SproutRichard BellFeature ~ Round 1 of 3: Logline 
Before Tomorrow ComesPaul WilliamsFeature ~ Round 2 of 3: Ten Pages 
Blood RightJohn P. DowginFeature ~ Round 3 of 3: Script 
Bottom LineRick HansberryFeature ~ Round 1 of 3: Logline 
Buddy CopCalvin PeatFeature ~ Round 2 of 3: Ten Pages 
By The Power Vested In MeRick HansberryPower Outage 
CardsRick HansberryThree Words Only 
Chance EncounterPaul WilliamsShort Film 
ChemistryRick HansberryShort Film 
Chess MatesRick HansberryShort Film 
Christmas CardsDavid M TroopEighth Year Open 
Clever Clive and the Staggering StiltsAyal PinkusMad Home Scientist 
Clever GusKhamanna IskandarovaFeature ~ Round 2 of 3: Ten Pages 
Clint's Space Fair RescueRebecca FerrellFeature ~ Round 1 of 3: Logline 
CloserRobert ChipmanMuch More of Less is More 
ClosureBill SarreLess is More Again 
Code of SilenceBrian WindShort Film 
Connecting FlightSteve DexheimerTournament of Champions 
Crazy ThoughtsByron MatthewsSix 
Dead Dog's EyeballCaroline CoxonIt's Alive 
Don't Let Her SeeMatias CarusoDeadly is the Female 
DotPhilip WhitcroftKarma 
Down Came The RainFred KoszewnikWhere am I? 
Finley's DayMatt DickEighth Year Open 
FitPia CookFall Down Laughing 
Fitness for DummiesMartin GomezFeature ~ Round 2 of 3: Ten Pages 
FloaterDavid D. DeBordTwo Strangers 
Fool On The HillPaul De VrijerFall Down Laughing 
Fourteen FeetTim WestlandEven More of Less is More 
Friends For LifePaul WilliamsShort Film 
From Crawfish to KingfishKhamanna IskandarovaFifth Year Open 
GoodErich VonHeederMad Home Scientist 
Good SamSylvia DahlbyStill More of Less is More 
Grimm ReapersMichael BergFeature ~ Round 3 of 3: Script 
Growing Up And DownSally MeyerTwo Strangers 
HealthyKyle Patrick JohnsonSeventh Year Open 
Heavenly ParadiseAyal PinkusWhere am I? 
Her FutureMatthew FettigShort Film 
His FutureMatthew FettigStill More of Less is More 
Ho Ho HoFaith Friese NelsonFound Footage 
How Do You Spell Hemorrhoids?Brian HowellFall Down Laughing 
How We Really Won the Space RaceZach JansenFeature ~ Round 3 of 3: Script 
I Love You Bernie SummersbySally MeyerShort Film 
I Will Not Blow Up the Science FairScott MerrowPoetry 
I.M.P.Michael CornettoMad Home Scientist 
In InkTim WestlandFifth Year Open 
In The BeginningBill SarreCandles 
InsomniacDavid M TroopShort Film 
It'll ComeKyle Patrick JohnsonOne for the Ladies 
Jason's Book of MagicDan DelgadoINT. CAR 
Just SixNick MirandaSix 
LadyBirdAli BarrA Thousand Words 
Last DanceRick HansberryCountdown 
Last RideRick HansberryOne for the Ladies 
LemonTim WestlandINT. CAR 
Letting GoMarnie Mitchell ListerThe Undead 
Lost and FoundBill SarreSeventh Year Open 
Lounge ActKirk WhiteBack to School 
Lux Et VeritasPete BarryCandles 
Madame YKelley AllenFeature ~ Round 1 of 3: Logline 
MarianPete BarryFeature ~ Round 3 of 3: Script 
MegafaunaBinky FonblanqueFeature ~ Round 2 of 3: Ten Pages 
MemoriesMarnie Mitchell ListerFeature ~ Round 3 of 3: Script 
Memories of a Distant UtopiaMohammad NawazFeature ~ Round 2 of 3: Ten Pages 
Midnight SpaghettiSanti SpadaroOne Shot 
Mitch and the SaberMatthew KingFeature ~ Round 1 of 3: Logline 
MondayPaul WilliamsMuch More of Less is More 
Mrs. Quigley's Last CaseLewayne WhiteEven More of Less is More 
Mysterious WaysFred KoszewnikFeature ~ Round 2 of 3: Ten Pages 
NaughtyDavid M TroopSeventh Year Open 
NebraskaDavid M TroopCountdown 
NextJeannie SconzoDeja Vu 
Nickel's WorthRobert ChipmanThe World's Greatest 
OddsNicholas CariddoKiss 
OmnipotentPhilip WhitcroftDeja Vu 
One Last TasteScott MerrowOne Shot 
PainErich VonHeederFeature ~ Round 3 of 3: Script 
PeripheralSylvester PilgrimFeature ~ Round 1 of 3: Logline 
Pesky PaparazziGary RademanSixth Year Open 
Poet of the monthBill SarrePoetry 
Pop Goes the QuestionElaine ClaytonCandles 
Research & DevelopmentKyle Patrick JohnsonIt's Alive 
ResolutionT. James DeSteinFound Footage 
Saved My BaconTim WestlandThe World's Greatest 
ScheisseJordan LittletonThe Undead 
School TeacherOlga TremaineBack to School 
Secret RecipePete BarryThe World's Greatest 
She LivesKhamanna IskandarovaShort Film 
Side ScrollerT. James DeSteinEighth Year Open 
Six Guns In SilverAustin JonesFeature ~ Round 2 of 3: Ten Pages 
Snipe HuntingWilliam DunbarMonster Vision 
Snow DayDavid M TroopKiss 
Something a Bit DifferentBasil SunshineTournament of Champions 
SS BaychimoDavid BirchFeature ~ Round 1 of 3: Logline 
StablePaul WilliamsShort Film 
Stranger ThingsChristina KishpaughTwo Strangers 
SubductionMatthew FettigFeature ~ Round 2 of 3: Ten Pages 
SubterraniaScott MerrowOxygen 
Take Money RunDavid M TroopThree Words Only 
Teacher's PetKenneth HurdBack to School 
TearsErich VonHeederDeadly is the Female 
That Others May LivePaul WilliamsKarma 
That Which SurvivesPete BarryMuch More of Less is More 
The Book of StanScott MerrowThree Words Only 
The ChangerDavid M TroopOne Shot 
The Darkest Side of the NightClaire FishmanFeature ~ Round 2 of 3: Ten Pages 
The Death MessengerHerman ChowTick Tock 
The DinerDavid M TroopOxygen 
The EndPaul WilliamsMore of Less is More 
The End of Planet EarthScott MerrowStill More of Less is More 
The Eyes Of Myra LarsElias FarnumPower Outage 
The Frog And The FlyGary RademanEven More of Less is More 
The GreeterAmanda SidorowiczOxygen 
The Hunger of PrideRod ThompsonDinner Time 
The Last HitMicah RickeShort Film 
The LotteryDan LennoxEnd of the World 
The MajorsRod ThompsonLess is More Again 
The MeltingCaroline CoxonFeature ~ Round 3 of 3: Script 
The N WordRobert HestandFeature ~ Round 3 of 3: Script 
The New RoomJames HughesFifth Year Open 
The Novice AngelCecilia PotenzaFeature ~ Round 1 of 3: Logline 
The People v. JillTom PetersonPoetry 
The Princess and the WolfBrad ViarKiss 
The Red OrchestraKelley AllenFeature ~ Round 3 of 3: Script 
The Tiergarten CafeFred KoszewnikDinner Time 
Thirteen KidsSally MeyerFeature ~ Round 3 of 3: Script 
This God Did ShakeKirk WhiteFeature ~ Round 1 of 3: Logline 
Through The DoorMatthew FettigIt's Alive 
Tick, Tick, TickMJ HermannyTick Tock 
'Til DeathRick HansberryKarma 
'Tis the seasonCaroline CoxonSix 
To Be HomeCaroline CoxonThird Time's the Charm