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Biography: I'm from a small town, on a small island. I don't know how but the passion of a friend ignited my enthusiasm for writing, specifically screenwriting. Its been a few years since then, I've finally mustered up the courage to initiate a career in scriptwriting.I'm still excited about seeing my work portrayed on film.
I'm a wanna be screenwriter, yes I'm one of those guys but then again so are alot of folks on here. I'm partial to comedy, alot of people think I'm funny but truth is I just like to talk its not my fault that I'm damaged goods. I'm a former outlaw that served 2 years, you can Google me but be warned... they locked me up for my deviant behavior involving two transsexual hookers, a monkey and some Velveta cheese. Its something I'm not proud of but I'm required by law to make you aware of this.

I'm here to hone my skill. Hopefully, in my own special way I can light a fire under your ass just like everyone has inspired me on here.
Entries: 11
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