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Entries: 24
Title DateContestTypePlace 
-1^1/2Oct. 2009NumbersShort 
Blue NoteJan. 2012Feature ~ Round 1 of 3: LoglineLogline 
Casu MarzuDec. 2008It's Better to Give than to ReceiveShort 
CinemaNov. 2008Less is MoreShort 
DentophobiaNov. 2010Short FilmFilm 
FluorineOct. 2008ChemistryShort 
Frozen LivesJul. 2009FADE OUT.Short 
Hazardous MaterialsAug. 2008SciFi Here and NowShort 
Incident 37Apr. 2011Feature ~ Round 2 of 3: Ten Pages10 
Incident 395Jan. 2011Feature ~ Round 1 of 3: LoglineLogline 
Incident on a Dark StreetFeb. 2009A Total Eclipse of the SunShort 
LegOct. 2010Tick TockShort 
PostcardMay. 2010A Thousand WordsShort 
SkullMar. 2010It's AliveShort 
Spike's FriendFeb. 2010Ace, Baby, Honey, Jack, & SpikeShort 
SuperstoreJan. 2010Feature ~ Round 1 of 3: LoglineLogline 
Taxi RideMar. 2009MonologueShort 
TentaclesJun. 2010More of Less is MoreShort 
The Burning ArkJan. 2009Feature ~ Round 1 of 3: LoglineLogline 
The CrateSep. 2009Deadly is the FemaleShort 
The Dentist Will See You NowJul. 2010White OutShort 
The RavenMay. 2009A Grim TaleShort 
The WatchDec. 2009Third Time's the CharmShort 
The WatchNov. 2010Short FilmFilm 

Favorites: 51

Title WriterContest 
301Jonah YardenNumbers 
400 Miles For A Baby's Funeral And Everybody DiedJames HughesKarma 
5William DunbarNumbers 
80Rob GrossNumbers 
A Conversation Between Non-LoversNick MirandaKarma 
About UsWilliam DunbarLess is More 
AnimusChris SettenFound Footage 
Are We There Yet..?Bob JohnsonDeja Vu 
Beyond 437Raymond KwokFound Footage 
Bridge of SighsCaroline CoxonFeature ~ Round 3 of 3: Script 
Bus Stop - OmahaJames HughesWhite Out 
CameoPete BarryFeature ~ Round 3 of 3: Script 
Cart WarsDenise JewellFeature ~ Round 1 of 3: Logline 
Chance EncounterPaul WilliamsScene in Reverse 
Checking OutKyle Patrick JohnsonFifth Year Open 
Crimes Like TheseBrian WindFeature ~ Round 3 of 3: Script 
Crimes of PassionBrian WindIt's Better to Give than to Receive 
Cure in SightJeanPierre ChapoteauThe Undead 
Day of the ApemanJem RoweFall Down Laughing 
Donuts and SpidersDan DelgadoFifth Year Open 
Duck You!Matias CarusoIt's Better to Give than to Receive 
FocusPete BarryShort Film 
FrictionPaul De VrijerMad Home Scientist 
Friends For LifePaul WilliamsIt's Better to Give than to Receive 
GreedOlga TremaineThe Undead 
Have You Boys Seen Tiddles?Bob JohnsonThe Undead 
Home MoviesSean ChipmanEven More of Less is More 
Hoosier MamaGreg TonnonOne for the Ladies 
I Love You Bernie SummersbySally MeyerShort Film 
I'd love you Lucy if it weren't for the skellingtons!Bryony QuiglyFall Down Laughing 
In BloomMike SenkpielMad Home Scientist 
InsomniacDavid M TroopSix 
Madame InventorGary RademanFifth Year Open 
Meat and Two VegCaroline CoxonShort Film 
Mrs. Quigley's Last CaseLewayne WhiteEven More of Less is More 
My CloudMike SenkpielFound Footage 
NextJeannie SconzoDeja Vu 
PaperworkBob JohnsonFall Down Laughing 
Pretty Pink PopupsDawn CalvinMad Home Scientist 
Private PropertyMarnie Mitchell ListerKarma 
Responsibility of MasculinityJeanPierre ChapoteauDeja Vu 
StablePaul WilliamsShort Film 
StallAudrey WebbLess is More 
TerminousT. James DeSteinFeature ~ Round 3 of 3: Script 
The Girls of Porn and the Real Big BangKirk WhiteOne for the Ladies 
The Guy Who Does ThatWilliam DunbarSix 
The N WordRobert HestandFeature ~ Round 3 of 3: Script 
The New ArrivalsJohn P. DowginLess is More 
The ReductionistPete BarryFeature ~ Round 3 of 3: Script 
Thicker Than WaterMJ HermannySix 
Thirteen KidsSally MeyerFeature ~ Round 3 of 3: Script