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Location: The Boonies, Minnesota

Biography: I love to write. I love movies.

Movie Poet is a terrific site. It's helped me better understand the craft of screenwriting and hone my talents in storytelling and writing...

Now I just need to work on my critiquing skills. I'm afraid I don't put as much effort into writing reviews as I do my own work. I apologize to the other patrons of this site for this foible.

When I write a script I am consumed by it. I zero in on the story like a Hawk. I don't want to turn it loose until I think it's somewhat satisfactory. --I never think anything is perfect.

But when it comes to critiquing and writing reviews I am more akin to a seagull. I swoop in, shit all over everything, grab a snack, and fly away.

I will better myself.
Entries: 12
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