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Title DateContestTypePlace 
2:00Oct. 2009NumbersShort 
Above and BeyondDec. 2009Third Time's the CharmShort 
Am I Crazy?Mar. 2009MonologueShortHonorable Mention 
Before Tomorrow ComesJan. 2010Feature ~ Round 1 of 3: LoglineLogline 
Before Tomorrow ComesApr. 2010Feature ~ Round 2 of 3: Ten Pages10 
Chance EncounterSep. 2008Scene in ReverseShortHonorable Mention 
Chance EncounterNov. 2013Short FilmFilmFirst Place 
FreeFeb. 2012Tournament of ChampionsShortSecond Place 
Friends For LifeDec. 2008It's Better to Give than to ReceiveShortThird Place 
Friends For LifeNov. 2010Short FilmFilm 
MondayJun. 2013Much More of Less is MoreShort 
PraySep. 2009Deadly is the FemaleShort 
Significant Life EventMay. 2010A Thousand WordsShort 
StableNov. 2011Short FilmFilmHonorable Mention 
That Others May LiveDec. 2010KarmaShortHonorable Mention 
The EndJun. 2010More of Less is MoreShort 
The Fortune of WarJan. 2011Feature ~ Round 1 of 3: LoglineLogline 
The Old College TryAug. 2008SciFi Here and NowShortHonorable Mention 
The Sleep of the InnocentJul. 2009FADE OUT.Short 
Times of TrialJan. 2009Feature ~ Round 1 of 3: LoglineLogline 

Favorites: 73

Title WriterContest 
1-10Philip WhitcroftNumbers 
5William DunbarNumbers 
80Rob GrossNumbers 
A Boy's FearChris KeatonShort Film 
A Child OutsideChris KeatonOne for the Ladies 
A Doll's LifeMichael CornettoIt's Better to Give than to Receive 
A Walk in the ParkKP MackieMuch More of Less is More 
AdequateBill SarreSixth Year Open 
Agnes of the StreetLucy FazelyMore of Less is More 
Another Story Of ViolenceTeo GonzalezLess is More 
Bad JujuPia CookIt's Alive 
Behold His Mighty HandWilliam BienesShort Film 
Black Cherry LaneChris MessineoFeature ~ Round 2 of 3: Ten Pages 
Blue Light SpecialKirsten BischoffShort Film 
BurnedMarnie Mitchell ListerScene in Reverse 
CalciumRich KeelChemistry 
CameoPete BarryFeature ~ Round 2 of 3: Ten Pages 
Caught In The ActCaroline CoxonLex Poeta 
ComaStephen BrownSciFi Here and Now 
Down EconomyDenise JewellMuch More of Less is More 
Dynamic DuoFaith Friese NelsonFADE OUT. 
ElliePhilip WhitcroftINT. ATTIC - DAY 
Field DayT. James DeSteinTournament of Champions 
Fleeting ImmortalityJon HillWhite Out 
FocusPete BarryShort Film 
Good Ol' TimesJeanPierre ChapoteauKarma 
Her FutureMatthew FettigShort Film 
Her Mother's DaughterKP MackieFADE OUT. 
HonorKP MackieThird Time's the Charm 
I Love You Bernie SummersbySally MeyerShort Film 
In the Path of TotalitySylvia DahlbyA Total Eclipse of the Sun 
InsomniacDavid M TroopShort Film 
Invalid DirectiveMatias CarusoSciFi Here and Now 
JustifeyedCharlie HebertScene in Reverse 
Lady JusticePhilip WhitcroftLex Poeta 
Letters to PenthouseChris MessineoShort Film 
Mea CulpaSally MeyerThird Time's the Charm 
Meat and Two VegCaroline CoxonShort Film 
NeonT. James DeSteinChemistry 
NeonMatias CarusoChemistry 
Of Night And LightCaroline CoxonFeature ~ Round 3 of 3: Script 
Opening ArgumentsDavid BirchLex Poeta 
ParanoiaMJ HermannyShort Film 
PiaKirk WhiteIt's Alive 
PlaceboMartin LancasterShort Film 
Poetic JusticeAlex HollisterTournament of Champions 
Point of viewJon HillDeadly is the Female 
PrincessJon HillA Thousand Words 
Private PropertyMarnie Mitchell ListerKarma 
RequiemMartin LancasterIt's Better to Give than to Receive 
Research & DevelopmentKyle Patrick JohnsonIt's Alive 
RevisitedAdrienne JorgensenMore of Less is More 
ScarecrowChris KeatonA Total Eclipse of the Sun 
Shadow of LightJeanPierre ChapoteauA Thousand Words 
Silent ScreamsSally MeyerINT. ATTIC - DAY 
SpeakCharlie HebertSciFi Here and Now 
Stealing SarahSally MeyerFeature ~ Round 2 of 3: Ten Pages 
TacetT. James DeSteinLess is More 
TearsErich VonHeederDeadly is the Female 
The Baptism Of Dawson ParishRustom IraniScene in Reverse 
The Devil's PoetMJ HermannyTournament of Champions 
The Last Few Minutes of SunlightSteve DexheimerA Total Eclipse of the Sun 
The Magic of FaithTim WestlandFADE OUT. 
The New TableHeather O'ConnellKarma 
The Non VoyantMatias CarusoA Thousand Words 
The Small MultipleDon RiemerShort Film 
Thick WindowKyle Patrick JohnsonShort Film 
Time CapsuleMichael RomeINT. ATTIC - DAY 
Tobias & SonRustom IraniThird Time's the Charm 
Too Many PredatorsWilliam D. PrystaukShort Film 
Watch Over YouJose BatistaLess is More 
WheelDan DelgadoMore of Less is More 
WitchWilliam D. PrystaukDeadly is the Female