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Biography: Pete Barry is an award-winning screenwriter, playwright, actor, director and musician. His short plays have been published in numerous collections, including "Accidents Happen", "Shorter, Faster, Funnier" and "Plays For Two".

His screenplay “10 Crimes in 2 Hours” was a finalist in the 13th Annual Writers Network Screenplay and Fiction Competition. His short play “Drop” was a winner in the 34th Annual Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Festival, and was published by Samuel French in 2010. Other short plays, including “Nine Point Eight Meters Per Second Per Second” and “The Banderscott” have also been selected for performance by Samuel French.

He is a cofounder of the Porch Room, a film and theater production company. With the Porch Room he has produced and directed several collections of short plays, including "Five Cornered Thinking" at the New York Comedy Club and "Burt Reynold's Amazing Napalm Powered Oven and Other Paid Programming" in the 2001 New York Fringe Festival. A collection including four of his short plays, “Accidents Happen”, won the 2009 NJACT Perry Award for Outstanding Production of an Original Play.

Pete lives in the Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania with his wife Jean and his daughters Lia and Violet.
Entries: 32
Title DateContestTypePlace 
6:17 to BostonApr. 2008The Sound of SilenceShort 
BereniceMay. 2008Poetic LicenseShortHonorable Mention 
CameoJan. 2010Feature ~ Round 1 of 3: LoglineLoglineHonorable Mention 
CameoApr. 2010Feature ~ Round 2 of 3: Ten Pages10Honorable Mention 
CameoAug. 2010Feature ~ Round 3 of 3: ScriptFeatureSecond Place 
CheaterFeb. 2013CountdownShortSecond Place 
Conference CallMay. 2012Found FootageShort 
EraseJan. 2012Feature ~ Round 1 of 3: LoglineLogline 
FocusNov. 2011Short FilmFilmFirst Place 
Lux Et VeritasNov. 2013Short FilmFilm 
Lux Et VeritasSep. 2013CandlesShortFirst Place 
MarianApr. 2013Feature ~ Round 2 of 3: Ten Pages10First Place 
MarianAug. 2013Feature ~ Round 3 of 3: ScriptFeatureFirst Place 
MarianJan. 2013Feature ~ Round 1 of 3: LoglineLoglineFirst Place 
MemoryMar. 2012Two StrangersShort 
MousetrapSep. 2010Monster VisionShort 
Phantom PainDec. 2013Seventh Year OpenShortSecond Place 
Play DeadMay. 2013OxygenShort 
ProjectionJun. 2011Even More of Less is MoreShort 
RestraintOct. 2013INT. CARShortFirst Place 
Secret RecipeJul. 2013The World's GreatestShortHonorable Mention 
Speaking TermsMar. 2013Three Words OnlyShortFirst Place 
Spike TrainFeb. 2010Ace, Baby, Honey, Jack, & SpikeShort 
SuckJun. 2012Still More of Less is MoreShortHonorable Mention 
That Which SurvivesJun. 2013Much More of Less is MoreShortFirst Place 
The CosmicApr. 2009Feature ~ Round 2 of 3: Ten Pages10Honorable Mention 
The CosmicJan. 2009Feature ~ Round 1 of 3: LoglineLoglineHonorable Mention 
The CosmicAug. 2009Feature ~ Round 3 of 3: ScriptFeature 
The ReductionistAug. 2011Feature ~ Round 3 of 3: ScriptFeatureFirst Place 
The ReductionistApr. 2011Feature ~ Round 2 of 3: Ten Pages10First Place 
The ReductionistJan. 2011Feature ~ Round 1 of 3: LoglineLoglineSecond Place 
WeedsJun. 2014Less is More AgainShortThird Place 

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Title WriterContest 
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