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A Sketch In TimeMay. 2010A Thousand WordsShort 
AnniversaryJun. 2010More of Less is MoreShort 
Happy Valentine's, BabyFeb. 2010Ace, Baby, Honey, Jack, & SpikeShortHonorable Mention 
Harry's LamentJul. 2011Mad Home ScientistShortThird Place 
How About This?May. 2011Fall Down LaughingShort 
RemissionFeb. 2012Tournament of ChampionsShort 
Wish Upon A Porn StarMar. 2011Deja VuShortHonorable Mention 

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Ace of SpadesMatias CarusoAce, Baby, Honey, Jack, & Spike 
Dakota TerritoryBrian WindA Thousand Words 
EmotionlessBrian WindOne for the Ladies 
Sleighbells & CigarettesJem RoweKarma