Amazon Studios terms apparently much improved

Ayal Pinkus (Level 5) ~ 4/9/2012 6:11 AM

Amazon Studios has apparently changed its terms considerably in favor of writers:

(I never said you shouldn't try to shop your work around :-) )

Ayal Pinkus (Level 5) ~ 4/9/2012 6:14 AM


"This paradigm shift in Amazon Studios really does finally open some doors for the struggling writer (and director).  If you previously wrote off Amazon Studios, I can't stress enough that things have changed for the better."

Chris Keaton (Level 5) ~ 4/9/2012 8:36 AM

It really makes more sense. No more real contests. They essentially (unfortunate for us) want to entice experienced writers to submit. I'm sure they realized pros weren't submitting because of those terms. And really it doesn't take more than 45 days to tell whether you are interested in the script anyway. Some argue that the payment scheme isn't the best, but really it's pretty good for a first or possible even second major sale. Yeah, they can really cut you out after they buy it, but that happens to a lot of deals so it's nothing to cry over.

I wouldn't suggest anyone go there with their truly indie scripts, they are clearly looking for commercial films, which suits me fine.

Caroline Coxon (Mod Emeritus) ~ 4/11/2012 4:12 AM

John August feels more optimistic about Amazon too!

Zach Jansen (Level 4) ~ 8/27/2014 12:36 PM

Bumping this up...

Since Amazon Studios has yet to produce a feature film -- at least one that I'm aware of -- and seems to be more focused on TV shows, I submitted a pilot and mini-bible that were just gathering cyberdust on a flash drive. (If anyone wants to give it a read, let me know.)

The option deal is the same as it is for features -- 45 day free evaluation option with two 18 month extensions for $10,000 each -- but if they buy your show, it's $55,000 versus $200,000 for a feature. I think the idea there is that if Amazon picks up your show, you've (probably) got a job running or writing the series.

Anyhow, I threw my hat in because you can't win if you don't play. I'd suggest that anyone else with an original TV script give it go. You can't lose anything and it's a nice, easier first step if you've never sent material out before (beyond contests, that is).

Anyone who submits, I'll be happy to read your pilots. If you want notes or feedback, I can do that, too, but I'm all up for reading.

JeanPierre Chapoteau (Moderator) ~ 8/27/2014 5:41 PM

I may write a pilot, and enter. That should be easy, huh?