Description: Your script must be in the action genre, but no vehicle or character may travel more than 50 miles per hour (80 kph).

Entries: 32
The Problem with the Ferrell BuildingKirk WhiteFirst Place 
Silent TreatmentDavid D. DeBordSecond Place 
Trial of the HunterTerence AngThird Place 
Because I Love YouBrad Huffman ParentHonorable Mention 
No Place Like HomeAaron WilliamsHonorable Mention 
Take HartMicah RickeHonorable Mention 
Three of SwordsMatias CarusoHonorable Mention 
AbsolutionPaul Young 
Agnes Schaeffer, Bingo WarriorAudrey Webb 
A-Hunting We Will GoCaroline Coxon 
Blood MoneyBrian Wind 
Clutch PerformanceTom Shipley 
FateValentina Reiken 
Hit and RunGary Murphy 
I Was A Teenage ElvisGraham Trelfer 
Jurisdiction in RemCarl Rossi 
Just One MoreA.M. Wallace 
Lone WolfMichael Thede 
Mack and MoiraSally Meyer 
MochaccinoT. Joseph Fraser 
POW!Charlie Hebert 
Restroom ReckoningDW Pollard 
Sidlet the ShitletSpencer McDonald 
SmokedRob Gross 
Spy Vs. FredDave Kunz 
SubhumanWilliam D. Prystauk 
The BombSteve Hanson 
The High Cost of CrimeRoger Pine 
The Secret Life Of SantaJames McConnell 
The Treasure of MarianoDeborah Mack 
Toy GunsTrevor Bryon 
TransitJohn LaBonney 
Results are listed in alphabetical order by title (except for first, second, and third place).